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All images are for sale.  To order, please call 917 842 9451 or send an email to:

All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Archival Silver Gelatin Prints: Photographs are printed on fiber base papers and processed using archival methods. Archivally processed photographs will last for many generations and are the material of choice for museums, galleries and collectors. Prices are as follows and refer to the size of the paper used to print the image:  8" x 10" - $125 ; 11" x 14" - $250;  16" x 20" - $450;  20" x 24" - $600;  30" x 40"- $1500;  Larger sizes available by request.

19th Century Printing Process Prints: Select images are available printed on hand coated imported fine art papers using the earliest photographic printing techniques. Due to their hand-made origin,  these highly archival prints are truly one of a kind & utillze both precious and base metals such as silver, platinum, palladium and iron.

Prices for 11x14 inch prints are as follows :

Cyanotypes ("blue prints"-an iron based emulsion )$250;  kallitypes (silver based emulsion): $400: Palladium/ Platinum prints: $600  

Additional sizes available by request

Pricing includes shipping and handling within the US.  Matting and framing is available, but not included. Please inquire. 

Terms of Sale: 100% due at time of order. Prints are made at the time of order. It will normally take 2-4 weeks to get your print to you.

PO Box 73 Philmont NY 12565 1.917.842.9451